EP 9: Joe Crisara – Uncle Joe’s Advice for Talking about Money

Welcome to a new episode of The Home Service Hustle.

Today’s guest is Joe Crisara, a renowned sales educator, author, and entrepreneur. He will talk about money and training, and he will share advice for business owners wanting to increase their sales, numbers, and customer base.

Joe has over 40 years of experience in the industry and possesses a unique style in delivering sales education to clients.

Having experienced the same struggles in the past as other business owners do, Joe wants to share how he started and overcame adversities along his journey.

If you’re ready, then let’s go!


[00:31]: Introducing Joe Crisara.

[00:57]: About Service MVP.

[01:38]: Customer experience, relationship, and cycle.

[04:32]: We show leadership by asking the right questions that get people to speak more.

[07:01]: Respect the law of the harvest—it takes time to learn something.

The importance of training people.

[09:50]: Training, coaching, and accountability.

[10:08]: Everyone calls you Uncle Joe. Where did that name come from?

[11:49]: How does everything start? Can you walk us through the cycle of your 44 years of experience?

[15:09]: It’s hard to talk about money with your family.

[20:00]: How do you craft a message to a large company and get everybody on board?

[26:31]: The greedy motive—working as fast as possible and getting calls continuously.

[30:44]: The five pure motives for new hires.

[35:01]: What is a process, and what do you tell the companies you’re working with about it?

[39:16]: The power of referrals from current clients we’re working with.

[45:18]: The science of pricing: providing each client customized pricing.

[47:56]: Science of tiered pricing.

[59:27]: Final advice to business owners.

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