EP 10: Jason “Jdub Money Maker” Walker – Change the HVAC Training Game

Welcome to another episode of The Home Service Hustle! Today’s guest is Jason Walker, a.k.a. Jdub Money Maker.

HVAC sales training is critical, and having advanced knowledge about the industry could keep your company ahead of the curve. As time goes by, HVAC technologies become more advanced, and customers’ needs change, often requiring technicians to have a specialized approach for better results—and that’s what this podcast episode is all about.

Jason is the host of HVAC Masters of the Hustle, a podcast that helps HVAC professionals bring out the best salesman in them. In this episode, he will share his point process and how it changed the HVAC training game.

Jason started in the HVAC industry in 2010 and made a name for himself in his first year as a Comfort Advisor in 2014. He sold over $18,000,000 in residential equipment replacement—and he believes you can achieve it as well with the right mindset, marketing, and sales process.

Are you ready? Let’s get this started!


[00:17]: Introducing Jason Walker.

[01:46]: Jason’s big goals for 2022.

[02:18]: Business partnership with Cornerstone Marketing Solutions focusing on CSR training, installation training, technical training, and sales training.

[04:28]: Daily routine to start the day and point process throughout the training period.

[05:34]: Jason’s daily mindset.

[07:00]: Jason and Jonathan’s career path transitioning to the HVAC industry.

[09:55]: Mindset with sales.

[12:30]: Social networking online and social media is a game-changer.

[13:30]: Jason Walker’s beliefs on human life in the universe.

[16:15]: Jason’s question to Jonathan about the galaxy.

[17:46]: Random question about Jason’s bucket list.

[20:49]: Bumpboxx sponsorship.

[21:38]: Jason’s struggle to have kids and the adoption story.

[24:25]: Some random talks about law enforcement experiences.

[38:05]: What are some of the key factors that you feel are causing the disruption and making you one of the fastest-growing training companies in the nation?

[40:50]: Jason’s way of teaching the training process.

[44:17]: Jason’s sales strategy on his first year as a comfort advisor.

[46:13]: How does Jason establish relationships with new customers/homeowners during consultation service?

[49:24]: Is it hard to get people to buy in and do your strategy?

[53:48]: Ethan purchased a beautiful house at 21 within six months of training with Jason Walker.

[56:22]: How many downloads do you have a week?

[56:50]: Jonathan’s webinar.

[58:00]: Big things are coming this 2022. Launching a new website with an interactive map to find exactly where Jason Walker is.

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