EP 8: Tommy Mello – Create a Competitive Mindset for Success

Tommy Mello is the host of Home Service Expert Podcast, the author of Home Service Millionaire, and the owner/operator of A1 Garage Door Service.

He is an entrepreneur who started his business journey from sales and marketing to accounting and recruitment. His podcast, Home Service Expert, is a learning resource for HVAC, plumbing, and other home service businesses looking to step up their game in their own niche.

Tommy has received Best Dealer and Super Service awards from different associations, such as The Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

In this episode, Tommy Mello and our host Jonathan Bannister, will talk about everything, including politics, marketing, money, mindset, and even aliens. So here we go!


[00:24]: Introducing Tommy Mello.

[01:27]: Overview of Tommy Mello’s podcast, Home Service Expert.

[03:36]: What advice could you give people in the home service space?

[07:03]: Where do you stand on video marketing? 

[08:03]: Video to attract talent and great employees.

[10:46]: Internal employees are coworkers.

[12:24]: What has recruitment been like when you have 1,920 employees in 19 states?

[14:10]: Follow up with new candidates and get them through the interview process.

[14:45]: GEO fencing strategy for the competition and manufacturing plans.

[15:36]: Cornerstone Marketing Solutions plans to launch its recruiting platform in January.

[16:53]: What does your internal training look like if you create someone from scratch?

[17:08]: Set Lenny Gray (the author of Door to Door Millionaire) as an example.

[18:46]: Goal to build a much bigger training center.

[19:33]: If humans came with a warning label, what would Tommy’s say?

[20:50]: Podcast between Gary Vee and Zuckerberg.

[22:46]: Random story about a pretty girl with six million followers.

[25:18]: Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

[26:29]: Tommy’s views on ET life.

[29:57]: Leaders are readers!

[32:05]: Advancement in technology. Putting a chip into the brain to transfer memories and become whoever you want.

[38:27]: Dave Ramsey is one of the biggest financial influencers.

[39:50]: Augusta Tax Law, R&D Credits, COVID Credits, and Cost Segregation Studies. QOZ (opportunity zone) and tax strategies.

[44:10]: Dream Manager book.

[44:16]: What is a dream manager?

[46:41]: Tommy is a big reader and has a winning mindset.

[49:50]: Philanthropy in your community.

[52:10]: Tommy’s advice for someone looking to grow their business in 2022.

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