EP 7: Chad Dammarell – Perspective Mindset Shift: Distract Yourself with Positivity

It is crucial to keep a resourceful mindset, an optimistic attitude, and a constructive approach to reach your goals and be the best leader in your company.

Today’s episode talks about a perspective mindset shift: distracting yourself with positivity. We have Chad Dammarell as a guest, and he’ll bring an exciting topic to our listeners. Chad is an MMA promoter, the host of The Journey RAC and Seeing Red podcasts, and the owner of Granite Works. 

He will discuss how to shift your mindset and draw in positivity when dealing with adversities! In this episode, you’ll learn how to build a positive perspective by following positive practices and developing an optimistic outlook out of your current situation, whether in life or work.

So let’s get started!


[00:22]: Introducing Chad Dammarell.

[02:04]: Background of Chad—talks about perspective, travel, hunting, etc.

[06:15]: Chad’s early days before MMA.

[12:13]: How did you use fear to get over anything in life that is fearful?

[15:44]: The more consistent you are, the easier it gets.

[16:19]: Motivation is the willingness and desire to do something.

[17:32]: The Art of No-Mind and the Four Agreements.

[19:10]: Choose optimism over pessimism.

[21:15]: I want to be light in a dark room!

[22:06]: Life reflection from Jonathan.

[26:06]: Let go of the bag of negativity.

[27:20]: Jonathan talks about Tommy Mello’s discussion.

[30:08]: 2016 is another biggest turning point in Chad’s life.

[32:07]: Removing one’s self from much negativity.

[34:23]: Chad’s parents’ story.

[37:03]: Have you ever dreamed of owning a business and being the boss?

[38:43]: Most successful people’s life story is an open book—they are shared to inspire how they overcome setbacks along the way.

[40:33]: Humanize your hero to become desirable and successful.

[46:02]: Stay out of your comfort zone.

[46:30]: I can do better if I become the boss.

[49:24]: Surround yourself with the best people.

[55:36]: Granite business story.

[59:18]: What things helped you double the granite business?

[01:03:15]: I started to respect my value. Invest in your value and protect it.

[01:07:00]: What advice would you give to someone either considering starting a business or wanting to become a better business owner? [01:13:24]: Chad’s podcasts.

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