EP 6: Sarah Ghirardo – “Help, Learn, and Listen”: A Mindset for Success

The more complex side of digital marketing is something not everyone understands. And learning it is a non-stop process! Solid marketing knowledge and a good mindset are all you need to achieve your business goals.

Sarah Ghirardo, Senior Marketing Operations Manager of Service Titan, talks about tips on how you can master your company’s marketing by understanding your numbers, brand, and people.

Whether you’re a new company that wants to grow business but lacks the marketing capital or someone that needs additional marketing information, Sarah will walk you through some tips to help you along your journey.  

So, let’s go!


[00:30]: Introducing Sarah Ghirardo.

[03:26]: Sarah’s background in marketing.

[07:41]: What’s your advice to a company wanting to bring marketing inhouse?

[09:31]: About the Lady Titans.

[13:19]: What advice would you give to new companies looking to grow but don’t have the marketing capital?

[16:17]: Story about a client with trademark violation from Google.

[20:23]: Starting a brand and setting a budget for it.

[23:21]: Brand starts when you show up.

[24:29]: Training is a core value that all companies should take on.

[25:57]: If humans came with a warning label, what would yours say?

[28:03]: Going out to the community for the next generation and bringing more people into the trades.

Service Titan reaches out to high schools and partners with local trade groups.

[31:13]: Focus on building a human, not just building a tech.

[32:09]: Sarah’s daily routine for mindset.

[35:05]: Let go of the past—it might be your story, but it’s not your story today.

[40:48]: Why is Jonathan thankful he’s in the HVAC industry?

[43:12]: Exit strategy!

[44:24]: Do the math before you do the work.

[46:13]: Jonathan talks about #MONEY and strategy.

[49:36]: Internal marketers are essential in business.

[49:36]: If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?

[55:27]: Sarah’s final word of encouragement.

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