EP 5: Seth Ure – Leverage Finance Options as a Sales Tactic, Not a Last Resort

Are you an HVAC business owner who offers financing options but doesn’t know how to use them correctly? Or, you’re just an old-school contractor who thinks financing is a bad selling tool?

If so, then let’s talk about how you can leverage financing options as a sales strategy.

We have Seth Ure, this episode’s guest speaker, to explain how you can use financing in your HVAC business the right way. This podcast will be your guide so that you can make the most out of your financing offers.

Seth is an attorney with 12 years of experience in the HVAC finance industry, and he’s a Partner at Gainer Partner. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!


[00:28]: Introducing Seth Ure.

[03:30]: Seth’s background and experience in marketing.

[05:51]: How did you get into the HVAC world?

[09:55]: What secret conspiracy would you like to start?

[11:02]: Seth’s daily/weekly routine for mindset.

[11:02]: Have you ever done something so unbelievably awesome, cool, embarrassing, but no one was around to see it?

[20:03]: The biggest difference when you have family in another country (difference between living in the U.S. and Hong Kong).

[26:21]: What’s the biggest impact you made in the financial world?

[28:41]: Competition is good for markets.

[23:47]: Dealership fees.

[35:27]: The most popular loan in HVAC is 0% for 16 months—but why don’t you encourage customers to use it?

[38:30]: Using 0 to 60 in selling and experimenting with 3% commission.

[40:14]: Old school contractors don’t utilize financing as a selling tool.

[46:24]: Offer financing correctly and destigmatize it.

[50:00]: Training in financing is important for contractors.

[52:25]: If you know that it’s a soft credit pool, you have another tool in your arsenal.

[56:54]: Tip: Build value by not telling customers the price at the start of the conversation.

[01:00:34]: Tips for contractors with multiple financing options but don’t use them right.

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