EP 4: Aimee Ball – Avoiding Bottlenecks in Business

Businesses face bottlenecks, but there’s always a way to overcome them!

Welcome to The Home Service Hustle’s podcast! Today’s guest speaker is Aimee Ball.

She is an expert in marketing, sales, and digital technology, as well as an avid consultant, industry speaker, and digital guru. Specializing in using digital technology, Aimee partners with established local businesses and large national companies to help them optimize revenue and achieve their bottom line.

Today’s episode is about avoiding bottlenecks in business. Setting clear values, responsibilities, and goals is vital for any company. However, most companies are stuck on the same old habits, which delay their growth and success.

If you find your business struggling with these issues, then let’s explore some solutions together!


[00:24]: Introducing Aimee Ball.

[01:33]: Quick overview about Aimee Ball.

[02:49]: What are the most common bottlenecks you see in clients you’re working with?

[06:50]: It’s like a double-edged sword—do I hire them first and hope that extra customers come in? Or do I try to get the customers and then hire somebody quickly for the job?

Looking for profit leaks at the business—sales, prices, and margins, cost of sales, overheads, and productivity.

Putting a nurture system in place for home service business.

[10:33]: How do you tell a business owner to start when they’re looking at these profit leaks?

[17:02]: Many social factors are undervalued as the market changes.

[20:03]: Aimee’s definition of advertising, marketing, and branding.

[23:47]: If you have the right culture in place, produce superior products/services, and the branding is on point, YOU’RE GOING TO BE A DOMINANT PLAYER.

[24:03]: Video production to get to the top of the funnel and build trust and credibility.

[25:16]: How do you find the right people, build that team, and take good care of them?

[25:46]: Train leaders, not followers!

[28:30]: Story about a new client who shares his bad leadership from the past.

[31:09]: How long have you been in the space? And how many different coaches do you have to help you along this journey?

[32:32]: Shiny object syndrome to chase success as others have.

[35:07]: Strategy to figure out clients’ mindset and transform them to become better leaders.

[39:35]: Reverse engineering and income engineering.

[40:52]: Mindset about getting the core fundamentals to take the business to the next level.

[43:18]: Curveball question to Aimee: College or pros?

[44:28]: Some scenarios about clients that Aimee is able to work with when it comes to #MONEY.

[51:14]: Everybody has goals. The biggest problem is probably that they don’t track their numbers.

[53:40]: Take the ego out of the way and get some expert help for growth and success.

[57:36]: What advice would you give to business owners about marketing, money, and mindset?

[01:03:15]: What does wealth legacy mean to Aimee?

[01:06:06]: Aimee’s contact details.

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