EP 3: Robby D’Angelo – Transform Your Mindset to Unlock Mental Optimization through Habit Stacking

Robby D’Angelo is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, mental optimization coach, and human capital business consultant. He helps people from all walks of life discover a better version of themselves. He believes that by biohacking the mind, body, and soul and combining these three elements in a synergistic method, you could start to realize your full potential and create miracles to live a life of ABUNDANCE!

Robby D’Angelo had tough years growing up—battling obesity, injuries, and poor mental health. 

Currently, he owns a couple of successful businesses, including a high-performance gym. He also helps the youth create a positive mindset through his nonprofit organization, RISE UP.

In this episode, Robby D’Angelo talks about his struggles in the early years of his life and how he overcame all those difficulties through positive thinking. He also gives advice and tips for better mental health and mindset. 


[00:26]: Introducing Robby D’Angelo.

[01:50]: When did you decide that maybe there were some struggles with your weight?

[03:12]: Despite your football success, you felt like you’re still living under your brother’s shadow and kept being compared to. How did you accept that?

[04:49]: College football career at University of Southern Mississippi.

[08:36]: Advice to parents with children struggling with mental health.

[14:06]: Struggles with obesity, food, and diets.

[18:47]: Journey after school, injuries, mental issues, and financial struggles.

[22:13]: The feeling of failure despite a little success.

[23:06]: Thinking of committing suicide during the worst episode of depression.

[27:48]: What can you tell someone to help them realize they’re meant for so much more?

[31:22] Mental and physical transformation and a positive mindset.

[37:05]: Habit stacking.

[40:34]: Teaching people mental health through his own nonprofit organization, Rise Up.

[41:44] Advice and tips for food addiction.

[46:56]: Where is Robbie D’Angelo today, both as a man and a professional?

[49:26]: Tips for someone who wants to work on their mental operating system?

[52:12] Growth mindset and mental diet.

[56:48]: What is a hero?

[58:59]: If Robbie could be any superhero, who would he be?

[1:00:07] What book could you recommend to someone struggling in life and wanting to make a major transformation?

[1:03:45] Robbie’s social media information.

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