EP 2: Thaddeus Tondu & Evan Hoffman – Plan Ahead: Marketing Advice for the Shoulder Season

As you look forward to serving your customers for the changing season, don’t forget the importance of effective HVAC marketing strategies to market your offers. The demands for products and services also change as the new season comes in.

So what’s the best thing to do?


We have Thaddeus Tondu & Evan Hoffman to give advice and tips about HVAC and plumbing marketing for the shoulder season.

Thad and Evan are co-founders of On Purpose Media, a digital marketing agency for home service professionals.  

We are sure you’ll love to hear what these two expert marketing specialists have to say about marketing planning, so here you go.


[00:24]: Introducing Thaddeus Tondu & Evan Hoffman.

[01:48]: What is the biggest pain point you see when working with HVAC or plumbing companies?

[04:11]: Evan: Your biggest strength becomes your kryptonite.

[06:16]: Business owners letting go of their control.

[07:23]: Hiring one person vs. hiring an agency to do all your marketing campaigns.

[10:33]: A digital marketing company is an extension of your HVAC business.

[14:06]: Client in Montreal with different geographic languages (English and French) is killing its ads campaign.

[15:15]: Random question: If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?

[16:37]: Tip and advice from Thad and Evan from a marketing perspective.

Preparing your marketing for the new season is a HUGE THING!

[20:01]: Quick story about a client with free fall tune-up FB ad in Dallas. 

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