EP 1: Jason Walker & Weldon Long – Mindset Determines Outcome

Mindset plays a critical role in determining your life’s achievements. When you have the right mindset, you have a powerful tool in life to achieve success.

Welcome to the first episode of The Home Service Hustle’s podcast.

In this episode, we have Jason Walker & Weldon Long on to talk about mindset. They will share their journeys, from their biggest challenges and mistakes to lessons learned and successes in the business.

Weldon and Jason both came from the streets—one breaking the law and another protecting the law.

Do their insights differ when it comes to life and success? What tool does each use for lifestyle and business?

Let’s check it out.


[00:19]: Introducing Jason Walker and Weldon Long.

[01:02]: Background about Weldon Long’s journey.

Mindset that thrives in the face of challenges.

[02:58]: Weldon’s biggest challenge faced in the business.

[05:41]: What’s the critical mistake you made in the company and how did you correct it.

[09:25]: A story about two sons with an alcoholic father.

[10:19]: Weldon’s biggest learning from his mistakes in the past.

[12:41]: Weldon’s advice to grow sales.

[13:38]: Jason’s advice to grow sales.

[15:06]: Tool Weldon used to help him in business and lifestyle.

[16:29]: Tool Jason used to help him in business and lifestyle.

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