EP 11: Weldon Long – The Power in Believing You Can

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This episode’s guest speaker is Weldon Long, a successful entrepreneur and a mindset specialist. He is the author of The Power of Consistency, the NY Times Bestseller. Weldon is an influential speaker and a motivator who teaches the Prosperity Mindset.

Weldon didn’t become a millionaire overnight. Like most of us, he has had his share of struggles. In his own words, he “went to jail, not Yale.” Once he changed his mindset, he embrace the possible and began climbing the ladder of success.

This episode is full of surprises, inspiration, and tons of knowledge bombs!

You’re gonna love what this man has to say about mindset and how having the right one can impact one’s life… so let’s go.


[00:21]: Introducing Weldon Long.

[01:17]: Weldon talks about something many people didn’t know about him.

[02:34]: What is mindset for Weldon Long, and how the right mindset can change someone’s life for the better?

[04:30]: Shares his mindset journey. Applying mindset to life and business, teach it, and write books about it.

[06:28]: What do religious books and quotes mean in your life?

[08:00]: Successful people have an excellent mindset. Prosperity mindset geared to thrive in the face of adversities and challenges.

[09:10]: Developed metaphors to help understand and teach mindset (motorcycle parts in a box, for example).

[13:12]: Things that you saw your dad do that you despise, but then ultimately, you picked up those traits yourself.

[17:30]: Rewiring the brain to become a better father through parenting classes.

[18:20]: Metaphor about the brain—It’s like a highway system with neuro pathways.

[21:20]: Weldon’s The Power of Consistency book teaches the process of building the prosperity plan.

[24:43]: What was that experience like with Weldon 2.0 as a father after imprisonment?

[26:30]: If you were a boss of many, would you want them to fear you or love you?

[28:30]: How do you start life after imprisonment? When did you get into HVAC sales?


[34:00]: Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy’s books’ influence on sales.

[35:15]: The power of believing you can.

[36:15]: How long did your mind shift?

[38:13]: I realized I’m a Millionaire!

[39:40]: What a home service contractor should do to protect their future investments?

[45:03]: Weldon Long’s new podcast “Dream Big” will be launched in February.

[46:59]: The slingshot effect happens even to the most successful people.

[48:39]: Would you choose a shorter life and be super rich? Or would you prefer a longer life and be somewhat poor?

[50:52]: Things on Weldon’s vision board.

[53:28]: Tell the story of what happened with G-Wagon a couple of years back.

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