EP 12: Brad Casebier – If You Want to Stand Out, Be Different

Don’t do what everyone else is doing. That’s boring. And cliché. In order to grab someone’s attention, be bold and be unique. 

That’s what we’ll talk about on today’s podcast with Brad Casebier.

Brad is a hundred-million-dollar contractor in Austin, TX, a former owner of Radiant Plumbing, and the author of Survival Guide to Working with Your Spouse.

He will share his journey of success as a business owner and how he and his wife Sarah started everything from scratch. The couple has some fantastic stories to share about working together as business owners and life partners at the same time.

How did they manage marketing and sales together? Does marriage ever become a hindrance in business decision-making?

Let’s find out the answers right now!


[00:18]: Introducing Brad Casebier.

[01:16]: Background about Brad’s business.

[03:07]: Brad’s wife (Sarah) takes a bigger role in branding.

[05:05]: Expenses and debts in the business.

[07:14]: What books could you recommend for someone who can’t afford a coaching service?

[11:12]: Brad’s insights about family and career.

            Sarah becomes the CEO and Brad focuses on sales and marketing.

[16:32]: Advice from Survival Guide to Working with Your Spouse, a book for couples who seek success in business and life together.

[20:18]: Are there financial benefits when working with your spouse?

[23:00]: Sarah transitioned into an advisory role in special projects.

[24:16]: What have you learned about marketing since you started business in 1999?

              Roy Williams, the author of The Wizard of Ads, was Brad’s marketing mentor 15 years ago.

[27:19]: Black and white postcards to market tune-up services years before.

[29:47]: Jonathan’s perspective about branding.

[31:39]: Advice to business owners about branding.

[34:43]: Brad’s marketing is everywhere.

[38:26]: Brad’s daily routine for mindset.

[42:18]: Everybody needs coaches—even the successful ones have coaches.

[45:03]: Idea about self-deprecation.

[48:54]: Brad’s advice on how to get vulnerable in relationship and business as a married couple working together.

[53:52]: Brad’s belief about Extra Terrestrials.

[55:51]: Brad’s contact details and where to find his book.

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