EP 17: Alex Trujillo – Create a Culture by Design, Not by Accident

To create a culture by design, not by accident, it is important to first change the mindset of the organization and its leaders towards prioritizing and actively shaping the culture, rather than leaving it to chance.

Welcome to the sixteenth episode of The Home Service Hustle’s podcast. 

In this episode, we have Alex Trujillo, who will offer some unique tales about how, at the age of 15, he was raised by a single mother who was homeless, and how that experience shaped who he is now. The mindset that he always takes with him.

Alex will show how separating work from family and effectively managing all aspects of one’s life requires setting clear boundaries, prioritizing time and tasks, and developing a strong support system to give him the chance to be a genuine and trustworthy person. 

Did he cultivate a range of perspectives on success and life, and which route did he take to excel and make a mark in the industry?

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